Blink Lash Synthetic Mink Curl Singles


Blink lashes are made with PBT fiber which is lighter and more flexible than conventional synthetic lashes. These individual synthetic lashes are high gloss, curled and tapered to perfection. Blink lashes will never lose their curl and are consistent in length.

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Dimensions 5 × 3 × 0.590551 in

C, .15, 7mm, C, .15, 8mm, C, .15, 9mm, C, .15, 10mm, C, .15, 11mm, C, .15, 12mm, C, .15, 13mm, C, .15, 14mm, C, .15, 15mm, D, .15, 7mm, D, .15, 8mm, D, .15, 9mm, D, .15, 10mm, D, .15, 11mm, D, .15, 12mm, D, .15, 13mm, D, .15, 14mm, D, .15, 15mm


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