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Classic Eyelash Extension Training


(28 customer reviews)

You’ll learn the intricacies of applying eyelash extensions – the right way. I’m honored to pass along my skills and artistry so you can roll out your unique, successful eyelash extension business and career. As an active member of the Women in Business of Tigard, I thrive on supporting and leaning into women who are energized and enlightened about starting a career in this industry. Beyond these courses, I’m a steadfast mentor and connector, to help guide you in the best way possible.





Check-in 10 AM
Check-out 6 PM



About The Class

The lash studio is my haven. I settle for nothing less than immaculate, stunning, and beautiful eyelash extensions while providing the utmost care, sanitation, and relaxation for my clients. I love passing on these important values to other lash professionals through my intense, rewarding training courses – to give you the cutting-edge techniques and elevated standards necessary to build lasting clientele. 

What you'll learn

You’ll learn the intricacies of applying eyelash extensions – the right way. I’m honored to pass along my skills and artistry so you can roll out your unique, successful eyelash extension business and career. As an active member of the Women in Business of Tigard, I thrive on supporting and leaning into women who are energized and enlightened about starting a career in this industry. Beyond these courses, I’m a steadfast mentor and connector, to help guide you in the best way possible.

Class Schedule

Class Includes

Additional Kit Options


  • 2 Trays of Blink mixed lengths C and D curl lashes
  • Glue
  • Primer
  • Remover
  • Saline Solution
  • Lash Tile
  • 10 Bio-Gel Under-Eye pads
  • Tape- double-sided, micropore, transpore
  • 2 Tweezers – curved & straight
  • Mascara Wands
  • Lip Wands
  • Nano Mister
  • Lash Shampoo
  • Magnification Glasses

Premium Includes

  • Everything in the Basic Kit
  • 2 additional trays of C and D curl lashes
  • Mannequin Head with 1- practice lashes
  • 5% off Lash Out’s Store 


What If I Feel Like I’m Not Ready When The Course Is Over?

We encourage practice practice practice! However, if you are feeling like you need a little more, we can step up a time for you to come in and do another set.

Are The Products In My Kit Available For Purchase?

Yes, you can purchase the items directly with Lash Out or online. All product is available for shipment.

Can I Take The Course If I’m In Beauty School?

Yes, you must provide a current student ID and student enrollment certificate.

Does The Kit Contain Everything I Need To Get Started?

Yes! And then some.

Do I Need To Provide My Own Model For The Course?

Yes, once the deposit is paid you will receive a detailed text informing you of the time your model needs to arrive. The model of your choice needs to be at 18 years of age and available for up to 5 hours.

Do I need to be licensed to take the course?

Yes, you need a valid state-issued certification in cosmology, esthetics, and or Hair.

Can My Model Come Earlier And Hang Out?

No, this is closed training. Times models should arrive will be given in a detailed text once the deposit is paid

Do I Get A Certification After The Course?


Getting Started

  1. View booking calendar and select an available date
  2. Select Training Kit
  3. Pay Deposit Online*
  4.  View welcome emails

$200 nonrefundable deposit is required to hold your spot in the class. This $200 deposit goes towards your student kit. The remaining is due at the time of the class.

Once your deposit is paid, you will receive a detailed text with all the information needed.

You if you are currently enrolled in beauty school you must provide current student ID and student enrollment certificate.

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28 reviews for Classic Eyelash Extension Training

  1. Stephanie Vitus

    Jenna was beyond amazing to work with! She is very knowledgeable and kind while teaching. Her training coarse and class are a perfect way to start your lash career! She sets you up for complete success with her step by step take home guide. I have even had a few questions beyond the course, which she has been more than willing to guide me in the right direction and answer my questions! I feel confident with my clients because of the training that Jenna gave me! I am beyond thankful for the opportunities to come!

  2. Amanda T.

    I called several schools to get as much information as I could since I didn’t want to get ripped off. Most of the places were way more expensive and only offered large group classes. LashOut was reasonably priced, and had great review.

    I was a first-time student at LashOut Esthetics Eyelash Training to gain experience with lash extensions. I was so unbelievably pleased with the class! Jenna was very well trained and knew exactly how to teach us. She was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all our questions. The class was fun and exciting!

  3. Elayah Artis

    Jenna was an amazing! I was beyond happy with my training. It exceeded my expectations. From her thoroughness, to her kit, to the pamphlet she had made herself! I love that she keeps her class size small, to allow complete attentiveness to her trainees. She answered all my questions as far as getting your business going. She really inspired me, & made me even more excited to do lashes. I would highly recommend Jenna’s lash training.

  4. Shondra Paulson

    I loved the individualized approach and intimate class size that Jenna offered at Lash Out! I don’t do well in large class settings and I really felt that Jenna was able to give me the attention I needed and was there to guide me every step of the way. It was very apparent that she loves what she does and is invested in the success of her students. I would definitely recommend the training to anyone looking to get into the lash business!

  5. Anwyn S

    Jenna was amazing! Gave me great tips about owning my own lash business as well as the actual training! The kit she gave me has everything I need and everything about the class was very professional! The whole time she kept asking if we had any questions and kept giving great tips along the way! I feel very confident moving forward 10/10 would recommend!

  6. Jacque Gaffney

    Jenna is the absolute BEST! She is a fountain of knowledge! She doesn’t leave you hanging with questions. From the 1st text about class, where to go, time and all the details, to a full booklet of information to use as a resource guide after you leave. She provided all the materials, tools and even lunch! She knows the ins and outs of the products, the business and has tricks to tweak your technique. This class and the kit included were worth every single penny.

  7. Jen Humphreys

    I can’t say enough about this training!! I’m so grateful that this is where my lash training began. Jenna’s attention to detail, professionalism, organized approach and honest feedback was amazing. I feel prepared to practice with all of her perfectly procured tools and supplies in my kit and launch my lash extension service. Her salon is beautiful and such a great place to invite my friend to be my model at. I highly recommend her training and look forward to more opportunities as my experience and business grows!

  8. Jena

    Jenna was so patient and helpful during the whole training. Her training space and system is amazing! I would really suggest this training to anyone looking into the industry!

  9. Madison Hagar

    Jenna has got to be hands down the most sweet and professional lash artist I’ve had the pleasure to meet! Not only is she a wonderful educator she really gives you ALL the tools and supplies and knowledge you will need to be so successful in this industry! I had the pleasure of a one on one training class with Jenna, which she went above and beyond for! I now feel 100% ready to start out on this journey. I’m so grateful to her and her business it is just the perfect way to learn everything there is to know about lashing! Even the business side ! 10/10 would recommend her business to all! Thank you !

  10. Tasha

    Jenna was so awesome in this class I had so much fun and the day went by so fast I can’t wait to grow with doing lashes and so happy she will be in my phone book one text or call away with help if I need it I would definitely take her class again and take her advice on any lash questions I have thanks so much Jenna you are awesome ?

  11. Kayla

    Jenna was absolutely amazing! She is such a great teacher, so kind and easy going, super knowledgeable and eager to share all her lashing secrets! I looked around for months trying to find the right training to take. I am so happy I came across lash out esthetics! I am confident that Jenna gave me all the knowledge and tools I need to get my lash career going and I will forever have a mentor if I ever need her which is worth the most! I would take her class again and again if needed and would recommend anyone looking to start their lash career straight to Jenna at Lash out!

  12. Shara James

    This class was more then what I expected it to be. Very knowledgable, kind, slow paced one on one class. I was very comfortable and with a smaller class wasn’t afraid to ask questions. I feel confident in what I had learned and was given all the tools to start my lash business, including support after the class is done and over! Jenna was more then I could ever ask for in a class and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to take a class in eyelash extensions!!

  13. Allison Schmidt

    I recently took the Lashout training class and Jenna was amazing! So thorough and helpful, I feel like I really came out of the class knowing how to complete a great classic set with all the tools to get me started.

  14. Melissa Williams

    Jenna was amazing! And patient with all my questions. I felt confident leaving the training taking on clients the following week.

  15. Megan Saari

    Jenna is a terrific teacher and a great contact to have. The class was thorough and I left feeling confident to start lashing. She gives you all tools necessary to get started and talks you through each step of service. I highly recommend Jenna for your lash training!

  16. Janell casini

    I am beyond amazed on how well Jenna’s training skills are! She explained and demonstrated everything so well I had very little questions to ask. She took the time to focus on each of us individually, by the time the class was over I felt ready and confident for my new lash career. Not only was she amazing at teaching, but also as a mentor! She also spent lunch with us and got to know us as we got to know her. I highly recommend this class!

  17. Marci Ruelas

    Jenna did any awesome job in teaching the lash class, loved that is was a small classes and got that one on one if we needed. She had her marital ready set by the time we got there and it was easy to understand and follow along. I liked that she tried to get to know us as a person. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to take a lash class.

  18. Anastasiia

    Jenna is not just an amazing lash artist but also a wonderful teacher. She was prepared, extremely patient and so encouraging. She explained and demonstrated everything so well which made it easy and fun to learn. She’s just a great and positive person and I’d recommend this class to anyone interested in lashes!

  19. Kirsten Edson

    Jenna was AMAZING!! she was very knowledgeable and made me feel very confident in what i was doing not only in applying lashes but the business aspect of the lashes also. she was very encouraging and makes sure you have all the materials to get started in your career . I would recommend this class over any other in the pdx area !!!!

  20. Kirsten Edson

    Jenna was AMAZING!! she was very knowledgeable not only how to apply lashes but also in the business aspect . She gives you all the materials to make sure you are successful in your career and makes it fun while doing it ! i would 100 % recommend this lash class over any other in the pdx area!!!

  21. Kendall Cline

    Jenna was an amazing instructor through the entire class! She gave me in depth knowledge on every aspect of eyelash extensions. The class was very clear, and made me more confident and comfortable to do amazing eyelash extensions! Would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants extra tips and tricks, along with a well prepared and easy to follow course!

  22. Alexa Maldonado

    Very informative! Loved the intimate class size and one on one attention I received. Jenna made me feel comfortable asking her anything and had so much great business advice! Left feeling confident and prepared. Definitely recommend!

  23. Maranda Rogers

    First off if I could give more then 5 stars I would! Jenna was amazing and has an eye for detail. I drove 6 hours to attend her lash class and it was worth it. I felt like I received so much hands on training and she was constantly checking with me to make sure I was understand all the information she was giving me plus making sure I was comfortable with lashing. She helped me with my technique and really helped ease me into the lash extension world. If you are looking for a classic lash class seriously don’t even hesitate go with Jennas class you will not be disappointed.

  24. Laura Taylor

    The classic eyelash extensions class was more then what I expected. Jenna was extremely friendly, knowledgable, easygoing, and worked with you no matter what your comfort level was during the class. My class was a 1:2 ratio and I loved the hands on experience I received from Jenna. I felt so confident after leaving her class. I also, enjoyed how she taught and she gave me a lot of helpful information about the lashing business and lashing in general. I would 100 percent recommend this class to anyone interested in lashing.

  25. Kelsey Beber (verified owner)

    I had a wonderful experience with my classic lash extensions training course. I was super nervous to start but Jenna had so much knowledge and was prepared with teaching us all of the basics before we went in and started working hands on. She was so helpful with demonstrations and answering any questions we had. The class was small so she was able to give each of us the care we needed in order to feel confident after attending the class. I would 100% recommend this class I learned so much. Jenna was absolutely amazing!

  26. Claudia Lara (verified owner)

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TRAINING!!! Jenna is an amazing instructor!! She is so confident in her work and makes you feel like you have made the best decision of your life! When we were going over our book she made sure we understood and felt comfortable with all the information she was teaching us before moving on to the next topic. She was very patient and answered every question with assurance and confidence. Once we went over our book, she had us work with our mannequins and was always available and willing to assist anytime we had any questions or needed help with any techniques. She provided us with lunch and made sure we were feeling comfortable with our work before we started working on our models. Our class was small, she was very attentive to each one of us. The kit that was provided with our training is amazing, she goes over every product and tool that comes in her kit. I loved this class; I definitely recommend it for anyone that wants to become a successful lash tech!

  27. Mia Magno (verified owner)

    I loved my lash training class! I love that it was a small class size, so we each got the attention and help we needed! Jenna was super kind, helpful, and made me feel very comfortable! She also gave us a lot of great tips and advice! Would recommend!

  28. Richelle Edwards (verified owner)

    This class was amazing! Jenna is very kind, patient and encouraging. I left feeling confident in what she taught and feel that i have all the tools to excel in my business. Im so glad i was referred to her class, worth every penny!

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